Fluorinated Lubricants Are The Next Growing Demand

Over the years, technology has played a huge role in the advancement of machine science. Efficiency, speed and power have all been enhanced due to a special form of lubricant.  As the power to weight ratio of machines significantly increase, machines are now capable of delivering more power while running continuously for several hours. Lubricants allow machines to operate at their optimal performance. They allow the smooth, continuous operation by protecting machine components from corrosion and reducing wear and tear (friction) when components rub against each other. Machine bearings will also break down without proper lubrication, which can cause production slowdowns and affect a manufacturer’s ultimate profit.

What are Fluorinated Lubricants?

Fluorinated fluids (PFPE Oils) are synthetic fully fluorinated materials used as lubricants and coatings for various machinery in a wide range of industries. They offer an increase in performance where conventional and synthetic lubricants cannot and are able to be used in temperatures as low as –90°C. Most petroleum based lubricants can only be used in temperatures under –18 °C.  They are also nonreactive, nonflammable and long lasting. This acts as a major benefit for fluorinated fluids.

Why use Fluorinated Lubricants?

Selection of proper lubricant plays a major role in machine design technology. If not selected properly, it can greatly affect the performance of the machine. Petroleum based lubricants are the most commonly used, but typically don’t survive under heavy load conditions and in high temperatures. Most of the petroleum based lubricants are also flammable and get easily oxidized.

Fluorinated Lubricants offer stable performance over long periods of time with low oxidation degradation or evaporation. They can be used over a wide temperature range and are fire resistant. They can also be used in environments with exposure to chemical or solvent splashes and even for plastic and rubber lubrication. Fluorinated lubricants are safe, non-toxic, and suitable in clean room conditions. This makes them the perfect lubricant in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Since technology plays an important role in terms of machine design, the fluorinated lubricants market is expected to increase over the next several years. Also maintenance costs, frequent re-lubrication, break down losses and machine downtime are constantly being monitored, which will bring more attention to fluorinated lubricants.  Another factor that will fuel the growth of fluorinated lubricants is that they’re non-flammable, which is one of the most desirable properties of lubricants.

However, fluorinated lubricants do cost more than petroleum-based oils and other synthetic oils, which may impede market growth. Although fluorinated lubricants are non-toxic under normal operating conditions, they do release fluorine gas, which may cause serious health issues.

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Fluorinated Lubricants Are The Next Growing Demand
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