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The Team

Our Executive team brings over 100 years of collective experience and accomplishments. Our vast experience, strategic partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit challenge us to provide revolutionary services and product offerings that exceed industry expectations.

The top executives have a unique blend of industry knowledge, operational and strategic experience in petroleum offerings, financing, fulfillment and logistics, B2B B2C, business development, and a proven track record in internet-based marketing and distribution.

The knowledge and talent of the APP team, allows our company to offer superior performance in satisfying the needs of our sophisticated consumers.

Making A Difference

In today’s economy and current climate, we understand that safety and providing the highest standards and quality of products are essential to a sustainable business and world. In our culture, we do more than provide a commodity service for today’s economy, we also advocate services that will contribute to a greater well-being of humankind.


With our ever-evolving industry, we want to insure that our petroleum product lines represent the highest standards and the lowest environmental impact, for today and future generations.

Competitive Price Point

As global corporate citizens, we want to engage in business both domestically and internationally,  in a way that will create social value and an economic edge for our consumers.

When you work with us, we are your strategic partners for spot-buying, strong supply side negotiations, and a supply of diverse product lines. In addition, we create even a larger economic edge by utilizing the top global logistics firms, which allows us to maintain and pass on deeply discounted shipping costs.

Social Impact

On an annual basis, we partner with social causes by donating funds to charity events and educational programs as a show of our support.